The FOOD BUSINESS is an exhibition about Wollongong’s own ‘foody’ pioneers. It is an exhibition researched by Zofia Laba that showcases the individuals that brought new flavours and colours to the palates of the people in the emerging city that we know and love today.

Many people believe that Wollongong became a multicultural city after WWII but in fact there were many people from diverse cultural backgrounds who lived in and influenced the culture of Wollongong long before the second world war.

Many of these businesses became institutions in themselves and the foundations they laid helped to generate other commercial ventures in food production and culinary culture in the region.

They deserve to be celebrated and congratulated for their vision and hard work in bringing a kaleidoscope of flavours to our homes.

Exhibition now on display
Wollongong Central & crown gateway pedestrian bridge
(near escalators & Nadia's cafe)



Every Story Counts Cover

Every Story Counts
Recording Migration Heritage
A Wollongong Case Study

Every Story Counts encourages the recording of experiences and local knowledge of post-Second World War migration and settlement.

Every Story Counts is not only for the people of the Illawarra but for all Australians; for clubs, historical societies, museums, family historians and for all people researching and caring for heritage places.

Every Story Counts is a great resource for teachers and students of history providing a thematic framework that can help identify and understand the relevance and significance of migration, including starting a conversation about their own family heritage and the heritage of others.

Every Story Counts has Wollongong stories and migrants featured as case studies to record people's stories and the places, objects and collections associated with those stories.  Not just another “how to” book these featured stories connect you to people who have lived this experienced giving a personal, new and first-hand perspective on Australian History.  Behind every 'ordinary house' is an extraordinary story and our photo albums and family mementos inside can hold the key to special community memories.

Every Story Counts can get you started on your story, your family's story, your community's story.

Every Story Counts winner of a Highly Commended Award at the 2016 National Trust Australia (NSW) Heritage Awards in the Education and Interpretation Category and nominated for the 2016 NSW Premier's History Awards.


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